Card Management Systems (CMS)

Excellent control of complex systems

TAC Connector ID
TAC Connector ID

Without adequate tools, using and managing smart cards as well as the issue of digital identities can be a very challenging task. A CMS helps reduce the complexity associated with the issue and subsequent administration of smart cards and digital identities. Another advantage is that CMS are powerful, interoperable and secure systems that decrease the costs of issuing and continuously managing all smart cards.

Card management systems are especially built to meet a large variety of demands and to master numerous tasks effortlessly and securely. They efficiently link logical access to physical access.

The most important functions of CMS at a glance:

  • Issue and electronic personalization of smart cards/USB tokens
  • Administration of issued smart cards/USB tokens
  • Support for users of smart cards and USB tokens within the organization
  • Issue of replacement cards in the case of lost smart cards and USB tokens, revoking digital certificates etc.

Thanks to these functionalities, CMS ensure that the registration, configuration and issue of smart cards and USB tokens with digital certificates go smoothly and effortlessly. Most card management systems are workflow-based, easily adapting to the existing organizational structure, accounting for all changes and following all customized processes.

They help organizations meet and implement legal requirements and regulations, e.g. BASLE II, SOX, the German Control and Transparency Act, etc.

The multifunctional approach of CMS offers almost infinite configuration possibilities, making it an excellent solution for your business.

IDpendant trusts CMS products by the following manufacturers:

  • A.E.T. Europe
  • Nexus / vps
  • OpenTrust
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