Secure online banking = customer loyalty

The latest processes such as PIN/TAN today no longer provide sufficient protection to safeguard eBanking transactions from spying or manipulation by hackers. These systems are often also not considered user-friendly by customers. Banks must additionally administrate, generate and store TAN and user data at great expense.

The use of smart cards or USB tokens with electronic certificate has proven it's worth as a more customer-friendly and secure alternative. They are already offered by many banks and are very attractive for online bank customers – as they are easy, quick and simple to use.

For example, customers around the world, such as of the Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, the Migrosbank, the Liechtensteinischen Landesbank, customers of Scandinavian banks, and customers of more than 40 of China’s largest banks are already using USB tokens or chip cards on which the customer’s digital certificate is stored in a highly secured manner. Only the PIN must be entered and the customers can conduct binding bank transactions – regardless of location and without any installation, if desired. In a time of «phishing and pharming», secure, comfortable eBanking is not only a question of costs, but also, most importantly, means customer loyalty.

We assist credit institutes with introducing new technologies for secure eBanking. The systems offered provide their customers with unlimited freedom and security when eBanking. We assist with designing and integrating the systems.

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