USB tokens

USB tokens: secure, flexible, easy to use

USB tokens from IDpendant
USB tokens from IDpendant

USB tokens meet complex security requirements while offering easy handling. They are small enough to be attached to key chains or fit in pockets. Plus, they are lightweight and connect directly to a USB interface or to a PC. USB tokens may also be equipped with additional flash memory.

Every USB token has an embedded smart card chip, which opens up a cornucopia of possibilities, all of them in a highly secure environment. USB tokens save private keys, passwords and digital certificates as securely as if it were in a safe. Private keys for users are generated right on the USB token, which means that they never physically leave the USB token.

Security squared, thanks to two-factor authentication

USB tokens rely on two-factor authentication to provide top-level security: knowing and owning. This means that the user in question must both own the smart card and know the PIN code. It is the correct combination of both that grants access to data and applications. Users' access data cannot be copied, modified or used without authorization. The hard plastic housing provides additional protection against external influences.

A large variety of available features and designs helps meet even highly specific customer needs, thus increasing user efficiency. This makes USB tokes a very smart choice and eliminates the need for an additional card reader. For users relying on mobile devices, USB tokens are a trusted alternative to smart cards. As a matter of course, USB tokens may also be used in conjunction with smart cards.

Several manufacturers offer proprietary card management systems for USB tokens, based on Java™ or Multos. The differences between these systems lie in their technical features, such as the size of the EEPROM memory (32k, 64k, 72k etc.) and different certifications (CC, ITSEC, FIPS).

IDpendant trusts USB tokens by the following manufacturers:

  • Athena-SCS
  • Gemalto
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • MARX 
  • SafeNet / Aladdin
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