Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A smart system for protecting smartphones and tablets

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile devices are therefore increasingly used to access corporate data, use corporate applications and communicate with others. However, one should bear in mind that the booming use of mobile devices comes with a high security risk for every corporation that embraces this trend.  In case of a targeted attack, there is a high risk that unauthorized persons will not only gain access to the mobile device’s data, but also to the corporate network. Luckily, there is no need to live without these cherished everyday companions. There is a solution for this security risk: Mobile Device Management (MDM).

User-friendly solution with all-around protection

As an independent systems integrator, IDpendant offers MDM systems and their seamless implementation into your company’s security infrastructure. With this all-encompassing management for mobile devices, comprehensive security procedures can be implemented: existing devices can be registered and configured, software and updates can be uploaded and encryption as well as password policies for data protection purposes can be introduced. In addition, access to the network can be controlled. It gives IT administrators the tools to establish remote diagnoses, block lost devices or delete data. Our MDM solutions support all major platforms and operating systems, including iPhone and iPad with iOS, Android smartphones and Android tablets, Blackberrys, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Mobile Device Management systems allow companies to centrally manage all their mobile devices and apps, thereby guaranteeing a high level of security. Administrators have the option of managing and monitoring all mobile client devices, whether issued by the company or privately owned, via a web-based console “over the air.”

 IDpendant trusts products of the following manufacturers:

  • AirWatch
  • Sophos/Dialogs
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