Company ID Card

Intelligent Company IDs with highest security level

The reliability and security of information and communication technology is becoming more crucial in these times of globalization and growing mobility. The reasons for this lie in the lack of caution exercised by individual employees, unauthorized access by third parties and a dramatic increase in industrial espionage. In addition, companies have an ongoing interest in saving costs and optimizing processes.
With the introduction of a new, intelligent Company ID Card precisely these objectives, i.e. reducing administrative costs while simultaneously optimizing internal processes can be reached. The focus has been on rapid amortization with a high level of investment security. Furthermore, the protection of personal staff data and maximum user-friendliness are becoming more and more top priority for companies.

Company ID Card for physical access control

Company ID Cards as smart cards are often used in companies e.g. for physical access control, opening doors only to those who have the appropriate card. This is the so-called no-contact option, meaning that cards are held in front of a card reader. This use of smart cards is called "physical access". It all comes down to this: open sesame! In the past, we had to rely on heavy and cumbersome key chains, but now it all happens electronically, in the blink of an eye.

Company ID Card for authentication processes

After a Company ID Card has granted access to e.g., an office building, its second use comes into play. Sophisticated companies secure their IT systems by allowing only selected people to access a given system. This is all about digital identities. The ultimate goal is to achieve maximum internal and external IT security. User identities and the management of access rights are crucial elements of efficient corporate processes, especially in large companies. Here is where smart cards come in once again: for the socalled "logical access". Employees use smart cards which they insert into card readers to have their access privileges verified. It is only after this verification that users get the go ahead to access the system in question.

Large bunches of actual keys have been replaced by multifunctional Company ID Card. However, physical and logical access processes could only be managed separately. We offer solutions for Company ID Card projects were physical and logical access is managed by only one card management system. Thanks to a singlepoint- of-use, the administration of multifunctional smart cards is a simple and straightforward 

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