Single Sign On

Secure password administration and Single Sign On

Complex, multi-step login processes with different user names and password combinations give employees an unnecessarily hard time and do not make your company any safer. Therefore, passwords remain an important risk factor for corporate security. In the case of a targeted attack, unauthorized persons could not only access the data on the respective workstation, but could also get into the corporate network because nowadays, most PCs are interconnected.

The solution for this security risk is a Single Sign On system, which supports conventional (user name and password) and credentials-based identification processes at the same time. Its combination with smart cards or USB tokens facilitates the hassle-free and scalable migration from weak to strong corporate authentication processes in any corporate environment.

Portability to ensure security

Single Sign On is based on smart cards and personal passwords are stored locally on the smart card. Free Seating, i.e., choosing workstations without any constraints or limitations, has thus become a reality. If desired, passwords may be generated and changed automatically without any user interaction. The bottom line for all chosen application is: "maximum security".


  • High user acceptance and user productivity
  • Full Return on Investment (ROI) within a short period of time
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Supports both conventional and highly secure credential-based authentication processes
  • Screen saver is activated automatically after the card/token has been removed to prevent unauthorized access
  • Scripting for applications based on user name/password
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure thanks to its scalable and distributed architecture
  • Supports most smart cards and USB tokens

IDpendant trusts Single Sign On products by the following manufacturers:

  • Imprivata
  • Secude
  • VGO



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