Secure E-Mail

Secure E-Mail

Today, e-mail is by far the most widely used online application. E-mail is increasingly replacing conventional means of communication such as traditional mail and telephone. The use of faxes is also on the decline. 107 trillion e-mails are estimated to be sent worldwide in 2010.

Every company is a potential victim of cybercrime

Since corporate processes are increasingly done electronically, it is paramount for companies and institutions to protect sensible data from unauthorized readers and unnoticed manipulation during transmission. 

Increasing legal requirements

Specific legal and regulatory measures about the dissemination, storage and archiving of business e-mails and related information have been introduced. The time frame for data storage has also been clearly defined.
Violations of relevant data protection regulations or fiscal regulations as well as other offenses subject to criminal prosecution may be subject to drastic fines. Persons with corporate responsibility including managing directors, board members or IT directors may be held personally liable for damages. In extreme cases, serious offenses may even entail a prison sentence. A lack of IT security might of course also lead to direct damage such as the loss of data or loss of production and, not less importantly, to negative publicity if security gaps become publicly known.

Secure e-mail communication

Client-based e-mail encryption and signatures have been successfully tried and tested in many companies to provide complete end-to-end e-mail security. They help organizations ensure that personal data is protected at all times.
End-to-end security refers to digital signatures and the encryption of electronic mail at the work place: one benefit is that digital signatures establish the authorship of e-mails beyond doubt. Another benefit is that recipients have the option of checking if the data has been modified before reaching them. Encryption, for its part, ensures that only a selected number of recipients are authorized to decrypt and therefore read the documents in question. This ensures the level of commitment and privacy typically needed for corporate online processes.

Our Secure Mail offers the following advantages:

1. Privacy

E-mails are encrypted with trusted and secure cryptoalgorithms to ensure e-mails remain private at all times.

2. Interoperability

1.Standards for Secure Mail solutions (S/MIME) warrant the interoperability of secure e-mail communication processes with the business partner in question.

3. Anti-manipulation component

Recipients rely on the digital signature on e-mails to verify their integrity, i.e., to check if they have been modified.

4. Identity

The authorship of any e-mail can be established irrefutably and definitely, which provides the level of commitment needed in a corporate environment.

5. User acceptance

To operate the entire application, users need to use two buttons in Outlook only: sign and/or encrypt.

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