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BitLocker Add-On by IDpendant

The introduction of Windows Vista,  Windows 7 and Windows 8 is good news when it comes to security: for clients with a Windows Ultimate or Windows Enterprise license, the “Microsoft BitLocker” hard drive encryption feature is available as an integral part of their operating system. And it comes at no additional cost! Its system-level integration, continuous refinement and guaranteed migration ability ensure continuity. This encryption feature will also be available for future Microsoft operating systems. This will certainly convince any IT director to approve the use of this solution.

Even though this free solution is quite fantastic, upon closer analysis, it becomes clear that BitLocker has weak spots regarding user authentication and helpdesk requirements. This may hinder corporate policies regarding security levels and quick response times for support inquiries. So what options do companies have if they do not want to forgo a cost-effective solution or accept lower standards regarding user availability and acceptance?

The very best add-on for Microsoft BitLocker

IDpendant’s solution for this predicament is an add-on for BitLocker. It reaches its full potential even before the Microsoft operating system boots, i.e. in the pre-boot phase. This allows for the use of trusted authentication procedures, including user ID/passwords, smartcard/PIN or soft token/biometrics. The add-on prompts a flexible and scalable user authentication process that includes all necessary helpdesk scenarios: forgotten passwords, defective or blocked smartcards, etc. Thanks to the integrated Single Sign On feature, users are automatically logged on to the Windows operating system, which helps avoid double log-ons.

In addition, IDpendant’s enhanced security solution for BitLocker includes a dedicated helpdesk application. In the corporate network, all problems related to passwords/PINs and smartcards can be solved by creating a direct connection during the pre-boot phase. Outside the corporate network, problems can be addressed by calling the helpdesk staff.

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