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Mobility is the order of the day

USB token from IDpendant
USB token from IDpendant

Today, mobility provides a decisive competitive advantage and notebooks are indispensable to this flexibility. By using mobile technology, companies have their finger on the pulse of latest developments and will always be one step ahead of their competitors. Within any company, mobile technology allows for faster and more efficient processes of superior quality. This, in turn, has very pleasant effects: higher productivity, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction. Most importantly, a company's most precious good remains accessible at all times: its data and saved information.

The downside of mobility

All the advantages of mobility notwithstanding, one should not ignore the security risks that come with it. Since an increasing amount of confidential and valuable data travels on employees' devices, protecting sensible corporate data is now more important than ever. When using mobile devices, the trusted corporate firewall cannot be used for data protection. The risk of theft or loss makes notebooks – just like external hard drives – a very exposed and, consequently, weak link in today's IT infrastructure. Every year, notebooks worth more than one billion euros are stolen all over the world. However, the value of stolen data exceeds the value of the hardware by far. In order to protect themselves against these risks – which may even endanger a company's existence – companies need a solution that provides reliable protection against unauthorized access to saved data and/or the entire IT infrastructure.

Fort Knox for your notebook

Thanks to sophisticated mechanisms, today's security systems offer perfect "power-off protection": they ensure maximum security both for the system and the data as long as the device is turned off. Hard disk encryption provides reliable protection against attacks carried out via external devices. This encryption makes it impossible to start the PC by using an external device such as a CD or a USB Memory Stick – this being a particularly malicious attack because it prevents the operating system's access control from taking effect, thus giving the attacker unlimited access to all data. Even highly skilled hackers will be at their wit's end with these security solutions. There will be no access to encrypted data even if the hard drive is moved to another computer. With "power-off protection" and hard drive encryption, your notebook will be as secure as Fort Knox.

Smart cards and USB tokens for intelligent booting and authentication

When using smart cards or USB tokens for authentication processes, the boot process is done on a separate boot system. Before the actual start of Windows, a pre-boot authentication (PBA) process is carried out, requiring username/password, smart card or USB token. This makes it simply impossible for unauthorized persons to start the computer, let alone access data.


  • Perfect "power-off protection"
  • Secure, smart card-based authentication following the "having and knowing" principle
  • Standard interfaces for smart cards (PKCS#11) and smart card readers (PC/SC)
  • Integrates easily into Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)
  • Multi-user system
  • Encryption of data stored on USB storage devices
  • Highly secure algorithms: AES 256 Bit, etc.
  • Supporting Microsoft BitLocker
  • User-friendly and cost saving helpdesk function with a sophisticated challenge/response mechanism in the PBA
  • Logon restrictions can be handled by the challenge/response mechanism
  • Maximum interoperability with boot managers
  • Integrated installation wizard
  • Supports unsupervised installation/deinstallation
  • Sophisticated recovery functions with centralized administration
  • Integrity check to protect the boot system against manipulation (code-hashing)
  • Easy card registration without additional administrative processes
  • Supports Norton Ghost, Drive Image and other hard drive imaging software

IDpendant trusts hard drive encryption products by the following manufacturers:

  • Check Point
  • Secude
  • cpsd
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