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The all-star of card management system at the service of ESG

Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple 
ESG Elektronik- und Logistik-GmbH is a leading systems and software manufacturer that develops customized avionics and IT systems for the aeronautical industry, the automotive industry as well as major public clients. With the construction of the company's new headquarters in Fürstenfeldbruck, the corporation decided to introduce multi-functional employee IDs. To tackle the highly demanding task of combining physical and logical access, ESG teamed up with a top-notch partner: IDpendant and its card management solution, a worldwide innovation.

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The State-of-the-Art online ID card - a great success in Taiwan

Easy, secure and user-friendly egovernment services for all Taiwanese citizens over the age of 18.

Based on leading-edge smart card technology, the Citizen Digital Certificate system enables the use of more than 1000 services via the Internet. Over one million Taiwanese citizens are already using the new online ID card. In the meantime, this project is one of the most successful e-government projects worldwide. According to the annual global e-government study conducted by Brown University, this project was rated in 2004 and 2005 as the number one and in 2006 as the number two e-government project worldwide.

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E.ON relies on intelligent staff IDs with highest security level

E.ON, the biggest energy provider with a turnover of more than EURO 68 billion and a staff of around 80,000, decided to introduce a new, intelligent staff ID 3 years ago.

With the introduction of the new, intelligent staff ID, E.ON has taken on precisely these concerns, i.e. reducing administrative costs while simultaneously optimizing internal processes. The focus has been on rapid amortization with a high level of investment security. Furthermore, the protection of personal staff data and maximum user-friendliness are top priority at E.ON.

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Single Sign On for the Münster Teaching Hospital

Münster Teaching Hospital

Industry-specific solution: Imprivata OneSign Single Sign On for the intensive care unit staff at the Münster Teaching Hospital

IDpendant has introduced a Single Sign On system at six out of twelve intensive care units at the Münster Teaching Hospital. Staff members have to log on just once to gain access to all computers and patient files they are authorized to use. This industry-specific solution has been specifically designed to meet the critical needs of healthcare facilities. It is highly intuitive and easy to use and allows users to log on with their smart cards or with a keyboard, which makes switching users and locations a breeze. 

More information: Case Study UKM (PDF 73KB)


IDpendant has developed a secure solution for the data center of Talus Informatik AG

Two-factor authentication with SuisseID 
IDpendant has developed a secure authentication process for Talus Informatik AG in Switzerland in order to secure access to the RIO data center. It lets Talus's clients access all available applications via zero footprint tokens and SuisseID, an integrated electronic proof of identity. With its RIO data center, Talus offers local governments and utility companies a sophisticated and cost-efficient solution for IT outsourcing purposes. All industry-specific software runs directly on the servers of Talus Informatik AG and is available to users at client organizations anytime and at any location of their choice. The solution is browser-based.

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